Receive up to $10,000 through Ontario’s Home Efficiency Rebate!

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Explore unique rebate and incentive programs offered to homeowners in Ontario.

Step 1

Arrange a home energy evaluation by a Certified Energy Consultant.

Step 2

Obtain a personalized report outlining suggested improvements.

Step 3

Implement a qualifying upgrade.

Step 4

Schedule a subsequent energy assessment.

Step 5

Receive your rebate check, which includes up to $600 for evaluations.

Are You Eligible?

Program is Eligibile For Ontario Residents Only.

Enbridge Gas Clients

Homeowners who live in their main residence and are Enbridge Gas customers.

Enbridge Gas Clients (Tenants)

Enbridge Gas customers owning a house but not residing in it.

Non-Enbridge Gas Clients

Rebate options for homeowners using alternative heating sources besides Enbridge Gas.

Off-Grid Communities

Settlements without access to an electrical grid or piped gas, consisting of 10 or more dwellings in a permanent/long-term arrangement.

Multi-Residential Properties

Rebate opportunities for certain low-rise and mixed-use property owners. Review specifics for eligibility.

Enjoy savings with rebates on these high-impact home improvements

Home Insulation

Rebates up to $10,000

Increase comfort, reduce energy costs, and prevent moisture issues with attic, foundation, wall, and exposed floor insulation.

Air Sealing

Rebates up to $1,300

Eliminate drafts, improve air quality, and conserve energy with draft-proofing techniques.

Space & Water Heating

Rebates up to $7,800

Energy Star® certified hot water heat pumps consume up to 70% less energy. Ground source, air source, and domestic hot water heat pumps are eligible.

Solar Panels

Rebates up to $5,000

Generate your own electricity and lessen dependence on the grid. Solar panels and batteries are eligible.

Residential Energy Assessment

$600 rebate available

The first step in pinpointing the perfect upgrades for your home.

High-Performance Windows

Rebates up to $325 each

These windows prevent condensation and remove drafts.

Smart Thermostats

Rebates up to $125

Enhance comfort and lower expenses by automatically conserving energy.


Rebates up to $1,625

Protect your home from climate-related events, such as fires and floods.

Advantages of the Rebate Program

Potentially obtain thousands of dollars in rebates for home improvements with Ontario’s Home Efficiency Rebate. This free service grants easy access to efficiency incentives, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint and maximize savings.

Access incentives/rebates and save money:
Engaging in home energy efficiency rebate programs enables homeowners to save on service costs and home improvement expenses. Home energy efficiency rebates connect homeowners with incentives and rebates they might not have discovered otherwise. These programs simplify the process of obtaining eligible rebates and incentives.

Enhance efficiency and save more:
Upgrading to more effective systems, such as insulation, windows and doors, heat pumps, and renewable energy systems, increases your home's overall efficiency.

Increase property value:
Energy-efficient homes are sought after, and enhancements made through home energy efficiency rebates can boost a property's value.

Minimize your carbon footprint:
By implementing energy-efficient improvements, homeowners can decrease their carbon footprint and promote a greener future.

Note: Homeowners must complete a home energy assessment before commencing any renovation work.

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Receive up to $10,000 through Home Efficiency Rebates!

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