Heat Pump Rebate

Save up to $7,100 by upgrading to a heat pump!


Benefits of Having a Heat Pump:

Switching to a heat pump provides energy-efficient heating and cooling. This leads to lower utility bills and reduced environmental impact. With the ability to both warm and cool your home, it’s a versatile and cost-effective solution for year-round comfort.

How to Apply For the Rebate:

To claim your Ontario energy rebate, schedule a home energy evaluation with a Certified Energy Consultant. Follow the recommendations provided, upgrade to a heat pump, and schedule a follow-up assessment. Receive your rebate check, totaling up to $6,500 for the heat pump and an additional $600 for the evaluation.

Interested in reducing your energy expenses? Complete the qualification process below and start reaping the savings!

Determine your eligibility for Ontario’s Heat Pump Rebate.

Receive up to $7,100 through Heat Pump Rebates!

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