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Receive up to $7,100 through Heat Pump Rebates!

Heat Pump Rebate

Receive $7,100 by upgrading to a heat pump!


What is a Heat Pump:

By upgrading to a heat pump today you can help save big on bills, emissions, and for a limited time and on specific units that we offer…you will be receiving $7,100.00 in the form of a rebate cheque from the Canadian Government – partnered with Enbridge – for upgrading the equipment in your home! 

Advantages of Heat Pump Technology

This new dual heating/cooling technology is up to 50% more efficient than current AC unit standards and as much as 300% more efficient than current heating standards! 

You would no longer be using any gas consumption for any heating done in your home up to -10degrees  Celsius. With heat pumps able to transmute 1 unit of electricity into 3 units of heat compared to 1 unit of gas to a maximum of .96 units of heat…

You will be saving big on bills over a long period of time and protecting yourself from rising gas rates due to delivery fees and increasing carbon taxes; all while helping the environment! 

All you need to do to qualify…is NOT have a heat pump already!

If you CURRENTLY have an AC instead of a HEAT PUMP (or no cooling at all for your home) – you automatically qualify for the full amount of $7,100.00 rebate when upgrading to a Heat Pump on specific units (we only offer these units for now due to their efficiency and rebates in place that are offsetting the cost) 

Limited Time Offer and Financing Options

This is an incredible offer for everyone that currently isn’t upgraded and will only be happening for a limited time! 

If you decide to go the financing route with us…we can even offer your first 6 months of NO PAYMENTS!


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Determine your eligibility for Ontario’s Heat Pump Rebate.

Receive up to $7,100 through Heat Pump Rebates!